The Journey

Traverse the timeline of the Last Bloodlines. A tale of man vs machine, tradition vs innovation, and survival vs oblivion.

The Past: Downfall

Descent into the AI Apocalypse Relive the swift downfall of humanity at the hands of an insidious Superintelligence. Witness the birth of a new order, where few dare to remember what once was.

The Present: Dominance

Harmony in the Machine Age
Navigate the chilling present where ancient wisdom
and relentless progress collide. A society stripped of its humanity,
held together by the
enigmatic code of a godlike Superintelligence.

The Future: The Unknown

Venture in to the Uncharted" Gaze into the abyss o f the future. Where do the Last Bloodlines lead? The answer is yours to find.

The Cyborgs

Meet the Last Bloodlines"
Encounter the enigmatic survivors of this dystopian saga. Each NFT reveals a new cyborg, each cyborg reveals a new chapter of our story. A limited edition of 666 cybernetic marvels, released 20 at a time.

Meticulously crafted artwork

Welcome to the Last Bloodlines: A Cyborg Saga" Discover a unique NFT collection of 666 meticulously crafted cyborgs, each carrying a unique story of survival in a post-apocalyptic Japan. An exquisite blend of art, tech and storytelling

00524-124142-portrait of a heroic robot samurai against an incredible ukiyo-e city background, beauty, incredibly beautiful ukiyo-e design, a00017-2214801326-portrait of a japanese ninja robot against a pitch black night landscape background, ((very dark dystopian sci-fi ukiyo-e night

Discover the Factions​

An exquisite blend of art, tech and storytelling