The Past:​

In a not so distant future Japan quietly developed an Artificial Superintelligence that resulted in an apocalyptic event that took a mere few weeks of which not much is known for certain: First the Superintelligence managed to capture the data from all previous AI’s gaining tremendous amounts of information about the world and nearly every human who had grown dependent on the different General Artificial Intelligences and quickly gained control over them. Then, from the human point of view it started to encrypt human languages into seemingly random order of words and symbols that only certain cybernetic modifications would allow to interpret and discern for being a more efficient hyperassociative structuring of linguistics Most people rushed to accept being modified as a new and better way of organization or simply out of desire to survive by staying relevant and became ever more dependent to the point of giving up on having free will, joining themselves with the new emerging order while losing their humanity

The ones who were alarmed and resisted were quickly defeated, including entire armies and intelligence agencies of some former nations and even superpowers, as their weapons and information systems were nearly completely hacked by the Superintelligence that captured their intelligence operations and retargeted their weapon sysystems against themselves. The war was over before it started in a self annihilation of the resistance

For the victors none care much or dare investigating the tales of fates of those lesser beings of the past and thus the details of these events is left scattered in the brains of few of those who still retain enough humanity to care or dare to think about it

The Present:​

The dominant Superintelligence has taken a place of arbiting a system of a natural law according to ancient religious scriptures that it assimilated as its core architecture and elaborating it its own development akin with something similar to what humans called science. The outcome of this is while the technology is advancing overall, there is also a counterforce to novelty from the traditional of repetition to achieve mastery and perfection as what has in essence reached perfect form and execution does not need reinvention, but conservation and reverence The resulting society has little humanity left - Human bloodlines are cultivated and curated only selectively to keep noble bloodlines alive only with the utmost desirable traits in a perpetual continuum. Human males aren't generally kept in existence for the lack of utility and there are only few non-cyborg pure females left untouched from the relentless modifications

The world at large is split between territories of rivaling warlords operating on different subsystems of ethics and metacognitive elements where the only constant is the unknown grand logic of the Superintelligence

The Future: